Krazy Prazy Worship DVD

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NEW and IMPROVED!  We added 3 more songs!
From the heart of Future Hope Ministries comes some of the Kraziest action music you have ever worked up a sweat over while prayzin’ the Lord!

15 songs and variations (with the motions) are on this video.
Shot on location at different locations and events, this video is filled with fun film of funny friends finally fulfiling their fantasies to sing these songs and jive for Jesus.

There are also a lot of comedy bits from Dan, Matthew, “Britches” the Clown, Mr. Hand, Ralph the Cat and Hernando!!!

1. Don’t Be a Roly Poly
2. The Holy Ghost Will Take
the Chicken Outta You
3. You Will Seek Me (Jeremiah 29:11,12)
4. Romans 3:23 (Macarena)
5. John 3:16
6. If You KNow the Savior
7. I Wanna Be a Missionary
8. I’ve Got My Shoes on Backwards
9. Sing to the Lord
10. Even Trains
11. I Can Run Through a Troop (Regular)
12. I Can Run Through a Troop (Opera)
13. I Can Run Through a Troop (Cowboy)
14. Romans 12:21
15. Pharoah, Pharoah
(motions only)