Prazy Worship CD

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30 songs and background tracks for Prazy people who desire to worship god with all their heart, soul, mind and strength!
1. Romans 12:21 (Whoop, Whoop!)
2.I Can Run Through a Troop
4.Troop:Opera Style
5.Troop:Texas Style
6.The Holy Ghost Will Take the Chicken Outta You
7.The Holy Ghost:Hyperspeed
8.You Will Seek Me
9.Even Trains
11.The Jesus Family
12.Prazy Maniacs
13.Close to Him
14.I Believe
15.Pharoah, Pharaoh background track
16.Pharoah: Slo-Mo to Hyperspeed.

Songs 1-14 have background tracks---#'s 17-30