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Art Talks and Drama Thingys

Art Talks and Drama Thingys

Some creative ways to teach and have fun at the same time - by Dan Cutchen. This book is in two sections.

The First section has seven stories with very simple art. Each story is complete and interesting and the artwork is simple but engaging.

The Second section has 8 spontaneous group drama sketches from the Bible. - No practice required, just read the story and the people act it out. The skits are funny and a great place to start your teaching!
  • Details

    Art Talks include: Brent and His Bad Hair Day (Eph 5:30), Fred’s Grandmother and Her Pecan Pie (I Cor 8:21), Rob the Tomato and Corky the Cucumber Alone in the Garden (Psalm 145:18) and more.

    Drama Thingys include: David Treats King Saul With Respect-Even in the Bathroom (I Sam 22-26), Don’t Do the Math, Do the Mercy (Matt 18:21-35), Paper, Rock, Moses (Exodus 15:22-27) and more. - 8.5" by 11" book, 29 pages
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