Background Music for Silly People

Background Music for Silly People


This collection of music is for your entertaining pleasure. 


This is royaly free music.  So you don't have to get my permission to use it.  Once you buy it, you can use it. We ask that you not share it with others.  It's yours to use but NOT to give away.  They need to buy their own set.


Use this as background music to enhance a magic trick.  Use them as the base for a sketch.  Allow your puppets to dance to one of the songs.  Let your imagination go crazy, get married and have lots of little baby imaginations.  And speaking of births...


This project came about when other family entertainers said to me, "Dan, where did you get the music for your skits/magic tricks/background music?" 


I write my own music so the next question to me was, "May I have it?"


My answer was, "Suuuuuuuuure."


So, here it is.  And all you need is money!

Most of these pieces are the music I have used in varous skits.  I wrote much of this as background music for doing magic tricks.  I've used #5 in a skit with my son for years as well as the background for doing the "Producing Flower Boxes and Other Stuff From the Grey Bag" trick.  (I think there is another, more official title.)


Selections 13-16 and 18 through 19 are short pieces designed for you to mix and match to come up with your own set for whatever you need.  You can do that with any of the selections.  Listen to the songs, write a skit with them in mind and use the music to accent your work.