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Creative Communication Stuff

Creative Communication Stuff

20 Storytelling ideas! -- Art Talks for the Non-Artist (storytelling with simple cartoons) Paper Cut Stories (how to cut paper and not yourself while you tell a story) Spontaneous Silly Scripture Sketches (fun group interactive dramas based on the Bible-you read, they act out!!) Object Lessons (with normal stuff-slightly daffy at times but interesting and, we think, insightful!) 5.5" by 8.5" book, 44 pages
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    EXAMPLE of Silly Scripture Sketch from "Creative Communication Stuff"

    Wealthy Walter Walks Away Mark 10:17-31 - Cast: Jesus, his disciples (4-8), a rich young ruler, the crowd

    The Play: Jesus was in Judea and walking along with his disciples when a rich young man came running up to him and slid on his knees in front of Jesus. The crowd stuck their right thumb in the air and yelled, "You'rrrrrrrre safe!"

    The young man folded his hands in prayer, looked up to Jesus and said, "Good Teacher.....What can I do to inherit eternal life?" - - - - The disciples looked around in wonderment.

    Jesus said to the young man, "Why do you call me good?" The young man shrugged his shoulders. Jesus said, "Only God is good."

    The disciples nodded their heads and slapped their shoes while the crowd gave the "O.K." sign and said, "You got that right!"

    The young man stood up, took a deep breath and said, "I've keep all the first 5 or 6...of the commandments."

    The crowd looked at each other and put their fingers up to their mouths and said, "Oooooh...He's coooool." - - - - - The disciples started counting up to 5 on their fingers and kept doing it until they got it right.

    Jesus patted the young man on the head… Continued in book…
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