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Silly Skits From Fables and Tales

Silly Skits From Fables and Tales

Idiot-Proof Comedy! 3-5 minutes each. You read, they do, everyone laughs and giggles. Featuring: "The Brave Swabiabians," "The Valiant VCR Repairman," "The Oatmeal Incident" and more! Nine interactive skits! - 33 pages. 5 ½ by 8 ½ inches
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    EXAMPLE from"Silly Skits From Fables and Tales":

    Sally Where-a-burger - CAST: Guv’nur, Sally, Wicked Stepmother (new wife), Cowboy, People

    The city of Doodlesquat was filled with lovely people. The people were so nice. They would shake each other’s hands and pat each other’s heads and tickle each other…and then they would sit down…on their hands for 10 seconds and then they were very quiet for…

    The city of Doodlesquat was also the home of the Guv’nur and his sweet and lovely daughter, Sally. Sally smiled all the time. The people would play patty-cake; stick out their tongues and say, "Sally sure seems nice!" The Guv’nur loved to do jumping jacks and he would do them at odd times throughout the day and night. Sally would sometimes join him because she was so nice. Then the people would join in. What a happy, aerobic place! And then they would stop and take two deep breaths and the people would gratefully sit down quietly. Because… continued in book
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