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Future Hope Ministries present:

Seminars with Dan Cutchen


Seminar 1    Stories, Drawings and Other Bits of Insanity 

Stimulating storytelling with books, paper cuts, "kindof" art talks, sparkling object lessons, interesting "visual puzzles," balloon sculpturing! These and other interactive learning techniques are designed to make a strong impression as you teach the Scriptures to kids of all ages.


Seminar 2  Music, Motion and Holy Humor 

Fun, crazy, worshipful, serious, simple and a little more complex songs for your kids! Learn new songs, how to make up your own and all the crazy motions for your times of teaching.             


Seminar 3  Drama, Silly Skits and Thespianoushism!

We will teach you and encourage you to use hilarious and thought provoking dramatic thingys in your class. Spontaneous Skits, Jest Operas, Biblical Responsive Ridiculousness where everyone participates! No experience in drama necessary.


Seminar 4  Creative Storytelling Balloonistry
Learn how to integrate balloon basics with stories, skits and games. Dan teaches you how to make simple balloon sculptures and use them to tell stories, get and keep kid’s attention, play games, act out skits and more. Use all your hot air to motivate children to learn while they laugh. For beginner to advanced balloonists.
Seminar 5  Charging and Recharging Your Volunteer's Batteries
Encouraging those who labor with you for the Lord is crucial to "staying power" in the ministry. Learn valuable and creative ways to help those who help you! And you won't have to wear a bunny suit and beat a drum! For pastors, C.E. directors and others in leadership.


Seminar 6  Using Teens in Ministry
Teenagers can be more than pizza gobbling, soda slurping and loud, human playgrounds. Learn proven ways to incorporate and train teens for children's ministry!



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